Friday, March 9, 2012

Moving On

This is where you'll find me.
Hi Friend,

I am moving this blog to a new URL.  You can now find me at:  Things will look a bit different there, but all previous content from here, along with your comments, can now be found at the new site.

This will probably be my last post on this blog.  Please continue to stay in contact.  I appreciate you very much.

I explained it all on the new Secondary Rds blog.  Please leave your comments there.

Finally let me repeat here what I said there:
I was not, and I am not unhappy or dissatisfied with Blogger.  Their product is excellent.  This move comes only because I am setting up a WordPress blog for our church under the church’s domain name.  I will be the administrator for that blog (as I am for their Website).  For that reason, it seemed good to me to use the same platform for both blogs.
I need to go rest my hand and wrist.  Thanks again.


momto8 said...

well good luck in your new place! i'll visit there too!

Kingmush said...

Always good to get a real domain!