Saturday, March 3, 2012

Looking Out My Window

The snow started falling after sunrise this morning.  Yesterday had brought mild temperatures and rain--lots of rain.  (I'm glad that wasn't snow!)  In the evening fierce winds buffeted our house on the hill, and lightning lit the night sky.

Sylvia and I turned off our computers before supper, for which she had prepared a special pizza.  She had extra bread dough (honey oatmeal) left from the baking she had done that morning.  That became the crust.  Toppings were a variety of fresh veggies, pinto beans and two kinds of cheese.

Later we curled up in our recliners and watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.  We went to bed late and slept well.

After feeding Midnight this morning, I walked into an unusually cool and quiet office.  I settled into my chair just enjoying the peaceful start of the day.  My gaze wandered to the right where outside the window large fluffy snow flakes were falling gently toward the now [mostly] snow-free ground.  The breeze, which was shifting between west and southwest, would at time pick up speed and send the snow speeding past the window in a blur.  Soon, the the gentle breeze would return and guide the lazily dropping snow flakes to earth.

As I look out upon this peaceful bucolic scene, I see our secondary road running through the middle.  Nothing passes by--not even a farm vehicle.

I know that my car will never look clean for more than a few minutes or hours as long as I live here in this house on the hill beside the dirt road.  And yet . . .  I can think of no place I'd rather live.  Nowhere better for me to be.


vanilla said...

The wonderful pizza and the good night's rest prepared you well for the painting of this most excellent word picture.

Pricilla said...

Was that part of that same system that caused all those horrific tornadoes? I feel for all the victims. How very sad.

Lin said...

We are getting that pretty snow here today. It's not really sticking, but it is a lovely, swirly, twirly world at the moment.

You have a good life, Chuck. :) And you certainly deserve every minute of it.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I knew nothing about the Michigan snow over the weekend! Om told me when I got home.